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A couple months ago, we met Jon Gaffney aka @TheVanMan. We love following his story as he travels, and he always finds the best spots in town. Check out the article he wrote about Nashville for Huckberry.

(Which I’m sure you’ve figured out by now.)

We wanted to fill everyone in on what brought us here, and all the fun ways we want to use this platform. First off, a huge shout out to Plan Left, our East Nashville neighbors, for helping us put this together! (

Here at Fat Bottom we are always looking for ways to delivery bolder, sexier beers to our loyal drinking public. One of the many ways we are able to do that is with our Small Batch program. Every Wednesday night, crowds come in to try the latest brainchild of our brewers in liquid form. A few weeks ago, we took a large step forward in our small batch program with the addition of a Sabco Brew Magic V350MS system. This system allows us to gain more consistency and control over our small batches, ultimately allowing us to be more creative and push the limits of traditional brewing.

A lot has changed in the year (sheesh!) since my last post, about the 2012 East Nashville Beer Fest. We are quickly coming up on the 2013 festival and everyone at Fat Bottom is stoked to have a beer festival happening right down the street from us. We will be releasing a number of small batch beers over the course of that week (from March 19 to 23) and we’re planning live music and lots of fun in the courtyard following the festival.

No construction news for almost a month?!? I had an extra day in February and I still couldn’t get an update out on time. Work in February was mostly concerned with concrete and plumbing and work on re-pouring the floor starts today. There is also even MORE structural reinforcement going on, though we’ve hopefully dealt with most of it by now.