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Ben Bredesen

Ben Bredesen


I love beer! I worked in software for almost a decade before deciding to open the brewery. I have always wanted to start a business, and the choice was clear when I decided to leave the company I was working for: if I wasn’t involved in beer, I wasn’t going to be happy. So I took the plunge, leveraging my experience in management, sales and marketing, in addition to ten years of home brewing, to open the brewery.

Taylor Easterwood

Taylor Easterwood

Operations Manager

I was born and raised in Nashville and I hope to be here forever. After working several years in the entertainment and hospitality industry, I knew it was time for a change. I wanted to work for a local company with good people and a good product. After I started working in the Fat Bottom taproom, I knew this was the perfect place for me. I think craft beer is an experience just as much as a product. I feel honored to give people a great experience every time they walk into Fat Bottom.

Zach Easterwood

Zach Easterwood

Sales and Brand Development

My journey into craft beer started right when my career as a traveling musician was ending. It was important for me to care about the product I was going to work with, as much as I cared about the music I was writing and playing. Fat Bottom gave me a chance to work as a bartender in the taproom, and really get to know the beer and learn about the industry. I was able to take on more responsibility as the company grew, and I couldn't help but fall in love with the brand. I get excited about finding ways to get one of our beers into someone’s hands. And Nashville’s emphasis on locally made products, paired with our growing craft beer scene has provided us the perfect opportunity.

Dan Howard

Taproom Manager

After more than a decade of experience working in the foodservice and beverage world in Chicago it was time for a change - I was stoked when Fat Bottom had an opening on their team. For years craft beer (and crafting beer) has been my way of life, and managing the taproom is the perfect place to share the art and ingenuity that goes into producing food and beer alike. Great people, great business, great beer; it’s a great place to be.

Drew Yaegar

Drew Yaegar

Head Brewer

My brewing career starts in an interview for medical school. As the Dean of Admissions asked why I wanted to be a doctor, a late-night home-brewing conversation from a year before came to mind, and I realized what I really wanted to do. I cut the interview off, walked out the door, and applied to the UC Davis Masters Brewer program that night.
Brewing school allowed me to build on my bachelor's degrees in biology and food science. After completing the program, I was hired by Dogfish Head where I spent years honing my craft and absorbing knowledge about the brewing industry. During a 2013 visit to Nashville, I wandered in to Fat Bottom and fell in love with the beer, the brand, and the people that make this company so great. I asked for a job on the spot. While Fat Bottom was not ready to hire a brewer at that time, I stayed in touch, kept asking, and was finally offered the Head Brewer job in the summer of 2014. I am now lucky enough to say that I spend my days doing what I love, in a town I love, and I'm proud to deliver the best liquid possible to Tennessee beer lovers.

Corey Hargis

Head Chef

If there are two things I can say I love with every fiber of my being, it would be food and beer. I love being around a group of people that are as passionate about their beer as I am about my food. I have spent my entire professional life working in kitchens and eventually went to culinary school to expand my horizons. That time and experience I gained helped me develop my favorite flavors which always revolve around my Kentucky roots and fascination with latin flavors. I live by a simple motto, “the only thing that matters is that it tastes good”, and I stand by that; that is why I joined on to the Fat Bottom team because they made beer that tasted good.

About UsFounder and Brewmaster

As a passionate home brewer for nearly a decade, Ben Bredesen honed his expertise in the art and science of beer making through countless hours slaving over vats of steaming grains. Oh…and by sharing and tasting the results of many experimental brews.
As Ben’s knowledge of the science of brewing increased, so did his passion for the art and history of beermaking. After years of whetting his thirst with home brewing, Ben finally took the advice of his friends and family and decided to follow his dream of becoming a professional brewer.

Born and raised in Nashville

Bredesen is the son of former Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen and Andrea Conte. He graduated from Brown University in 2002 with a degree in Computer Science.
Ben returned to Nashville in the fall of 2003 to join the health care software company Qualifacts, where he became Director of Software Development and, later, VP of Marketing. He left Qualifacts in September 2011 to work full time on Fat Bottom.

East Nashville History

East Nashville’s distinctive architecture showcases the Victorian love of craftsmanship, intricate design and numerous decorative elements. We like to compare Fat Bottom beer to a graceful bungalow that you’d find down the street from our brewery: a solid and well-crafted exterior, with colorful and artistic flavors waiting to be discovered inside.
In the 1890s, the Nashville Railway built a casino in Shelby Park that later became a community center. There were plays performed here, as well as paddleboats for rent, a large Dutch windmill, and a large lodge called Sycamore Lodge. Today, Shelby Park remains, and Shelby Bottoms is the largest green preserve in the Nashville metro area. Go for a run, then jog over to Fat Bottom Taproom to quench your thirst!
East Park is widely regarded as one of the best places in the city to view Nashville's highly rated Independence Day fireworks display. East Park is also home to the East Nashville Beer Festival and the Hot Chicken Festival. What’s the best Fat Bottom brew to put out the fire from your hot chicken? Better be a Ruby!